Solar Powered Mobile Phone Chargers

Solar phone charger reviews. Possessing many kinds of high technology gadgets can improve our life in a good way. Accordingly, we can do various things much easier. We, for instance, can use Smartphone that has a multitude of useful features for our life. However, even though high technology gadgets offer various benefits and advantages, there are several weaknesses that can be found in these high technology gadgets. The common weakness that can be found in every high technology gadgets is limitation of the power. Due to its various features, high technology gadgets will need a large quantity of power to boot. Without a large quantity of power, these gadgets cannot function as what it is supposed to be. To solve this problem, the developer then uses a rechargeable battery to cover this weakness. This innovation proves to be useful and help people to preserve power of the gadgets they own.

solar powered phone chargerUnfortunately, this feature will be rendered useless if you do not have any electricity system. Imagine yourself walking travel around in a place that far from the civilization such as forest, mountain and other natural places. It will be impossible to find electricity in this place, and it will be impossible to navigate yourself without the help of your reliable smartphone. However, there is a way to solve the annoying problem. The solution for this lack of electricity is called solar phone charger. This innovative invention called solar phone charger is a great solution that can help you solve your lack of electricity power. Just as its name implies, solar phone chargers are chargeable power bank used the solar power as its power source. Yes, this charger is a unique power bank that can absorb the solar heat and then convert it into an electric power. This power then can be used to recharge any high technology gadgets you own such as smartphone, camera, GPS, MP3 player and even e-book reader.

Solar phone charger now can be found in several different varieties you can choose. Every charger has the same common features that can assist your travel in an isolated place that are far away from civilization. The main feature that is contained in solar powered phone charger or solar cell phone charger is its simple and portable feature. Solar powered phone charger must be a portable device that can be carried around. Without this feature the solar based phone charger will be a hindrance for the owner. Luckily, many solar powered charger offers portable and easy to carry form. The second feature of the solar cell phone charger is its capacity. there are many solar phone charger that will offers large capacity feature, due to this feature you can recharge your gadgets more often. Finally to make things easy, here are several charger products you can choose to help you recharge your favorite gadgets.

Top solar phone charger to help you recharge your favorite gadgets.

1. Opteka BP-SC4000

solar charger reviews optekaThis solar phone charger is a great addition to your travel equipment. This device have many kinds of features that can help you in recharge your favorite gadgets in the middle of nowhere just by using the sun or solar power. This charger has 4000 Mah power bank capacity that can help you recharge your gadgets anytime you want. This solar power charger also offers 10 charging tips for maximum potential. Finally this charger offer auto shut off system that can reserve your power bank for longer uses.

2. Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger

Solar Joos Orange Portable Solar ChargerThis solar cell phone charger offers a high capacity power bank that can converts solar energy 20 times much faster than the other solar charger. This solar powered phone charger offers portable and simple shape that can be carried away anywhere you want. In addition to its portable shape, this solar powered phone charger also very durable and can even keep charging while submerged into the water.


3. Goal zero guide 10 adventure kit

goal zero solar phone charger reviewsThe goal zero guide 10 adventure kit offers a high quality solar phone charger that can recharge your e-book reader, smart phone, and cell phone anywhere you like. This solar cell phone charger offers a high quality and convenient pocket pouch with zipper that can save your charger and other utensil neatly.

4. Solio solar charger

solio solar cell phone charger reviewsThis solar cell phone charger is equipped with the LED light system feature you can know if your charger has finished in recharging your favorite charger. In addition to its LED system this solar power charger also offers USB charge in cable and quick start guide that allows you to comprehend various feature this charger has to offers.

5. Power monkey solar charger

powermonkey solar charger for cellphoneThis solar phone charger has unique LCD screen that can analyze and give you detailed information on the recharge progress. In addition to its unique LCD screen information system, this solar charger also offers unique adaptor that can be used in almost 150 different countries. Finally, the design offers a safe rubber case that gives maximum protection for the user of this charger.

6. SCharger-5 USB Solar Charger

sCharger-5 USB Solar ChargerThis solar phone charger provides a very fast conversion system allowing you to charge your gadgets while use it at the same time. In addition to its fast conversion rate, this solar powered phone charger also offers high durability device that can withstand any weather. The technology used to make this charger also very clean and nature friendly so this charger is a good choice for people. Finally this device comes with convenient and useful pouch for better protection. Due to this convenient pouch you can easily carry this device with ease.

After we disclose all of the above products and all of the features, it can be concluded that solar phone charger is a great addition to every gadget user in this world. With its unique features that can recharge people favorite high technology gadgets by using solar power, this device will prove to be very handy in many different situations and conditions. For instance, people that loves to do traveling but needs their reliable GPS and camera can make use of this unique solar phone charger features. With various products developed by different company you can choose the best charger that suitable with your style and budget.